Rule #1. Spin Some Plates



The husband. The job. The house. A pot plant and a goldfish.

Too easy?

Have a baby. Have another. And another. Have 4 babies. In 5 years.

Get a dog. A big dog. Get a dog that needs lots of walks. And a cat.

Busy enough yet?

Take up running. Run 5k. Enter a half marathon. Step up to a marathon. Ultra running.

Need a bigger challenge?

Enter an Ironman. Buy a bike. Take up triathlon. Do 3 sports. Find open water swimming venues that are an hour from home. Enter lots of races. Cycle commute.

Remember that the husband is training for marathons too. He works shifts. Get the kids running. Training. Running club. Another set of races.

Don’t forget the mummy stuff, the housework, the job, the packed lunches, the shopping, school uniforms to sort, the homeworks, the dentist appointments, the family time, the after school activities, the new shoes, the library books, the parents evenings, the vets, the cleaning cross-country spikes, the washing kit, the house, the bike maintenance, the tidying bedrooms, the leaky roof, the healthy snacks, the minor ailments, the cake sales and coffee mornings, the PE kits, the lost keys, the printer not working, the general chaos of family life…

How many days do you realise the kids have missed lunch or that they are wearing odd socks? Count up the days since the last bath?

Enter Isoman.

Because life is about spinning plates.

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