Rule #4. Keep on Swimming.

Step into my time machine and I’ll take you back to 2103, to Florida. In the October mug we see a disgruntled injured runner. Her knees are a constant gripe and she’s been told to cross train. She’s a decent swimmer, at breaststroke, but the leg action grinds away at her sore knee caps. Here she is on her holidays trying to teach herself front crawl. There she goes again; the pool can barely be 10metres, yet she ploughs away, arms a-crashing length after length. The tumultuous splashes disguise the sound of her loud gasps for breath as her lungs scream out for air…

We travel forward a year and find our runner beside a lake in the cold north of England. She’s wearing a wetsuit and gingerly stepping down the rubber matting towards the water’s edge. An instructor is playing Mummy Duck to her frightened duckling, encouraging her as her feet slip into the unseen sediment. She looks terrified but emerges a short time later after a single lap of the nearby buoys, a sense of elation discernable despite her shivering form…

We rejoin our runner in the present as she plunges into the municipal pool. Smartly she pushes from the wall, her stroke as steady as a ploughman tilling the soil. She doesn’t glide beautifully nor speed past other swimmers but is constant in her efforts. On and on she continues as others come and go in the lanes. As the pool clock counts the minutes she turns methodically and returns the way she came. Rhythmically, over and over, counting the laps. After 140 lengths she gulps from a water bottle and pulls herself onto the side. She’s swum 12 miles in the last 2 weeks and will be building on this over the coming months…

A future Isoman.

6 thoughts on “Rule #4. Keep on Swimming.

    1. It’s ok… I’ve looked it up.
      Probably should have done that first, really.
      Would have saved me time. Wouldn’t have had to write, “what is an isoman?” … Wouldn’t have had to reply to my own question… You wouldn’t have had to mederate two comments… Oh the wastage of time and effort!

      Good luck, by the way.


      1. Iso = same
        Man = man/person/human race

        Therefore the idea is to…errr…be exactly the same as when you started. Yes!… Here’s a great idea… You basically do an ‘ironman’ race but you get weighed before and after (to 2 decimal places) and the aim is to eat doughnuts at the end (before the final weigh in) to get back to being as close to your original weight as possible.

        I shall patent it now!


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