Rule #10 Mixed Doubles.


Ok. I am a bit late to the party on this one. Possibly the last. In fact the buffet table’s left with a few sausage rolls and half a tray of wilted sandwiches and the dj has moved onto the slowies.

You see, I’m a solitary runner. Always have been. One of the reasons running suits me is the freedom. You throw your shoes on whenever you want and head out for some peace and quiet. What better way to clear your head than an hour or so out on the trails? What better pastime for a mum of 4? (Also I’m socially inept and a grump who likes my own company.)

So when I looked back on my past few weeks of training no one was more surprised than me to notice that a sudden change had occurred. I’ve acquired some running buddies. And I quite like it.

My mid-week Parkrun Pal has gently encouraged me to push my pace (without me noticing!) On Saturday mornings we are miles apart but on a Wednesday evening we seem to roll along nicely. She’s pointed out curiosities I’ve never spotted before and even got me thinking a Parkrun pb is long overdue. Hmm. Must try harder.

At Bolton Abbey I lined up at the rear of a small field of 75 runners for a 13.1 trundle along the trails. Hubby had a game plan, he set out to race and win, and he did. I, on the other hand, already had 40 miles in my legs that week and was using the event as a quad burning training run. I started off alongside a teammate who is running London next month; this was a training run for her too. We set off together, ran the same pace and chatted. At the point when we both took our phones out to click some selfies at the abbey it became inevitable that we were going to stick together to the end!

I entered Liverpool Half because I’m a cyber-bully who “persuaded” someone to run a marathon. Training for your first marathon is hard and he’s struggled with his long runs. I felt obliged to lend a hand. So I wittered away for a couple of hours to take his mind off his aches and pains (and the 13 mile markers we ticked off.) I’m looking forward to supporting him around Manchester in 4 weeks time.

I’ve enjoyed Parkruns where I’ve laughed with a pal and a club run whilst dissecting my training plan with my Ironmentor. I’ve got my big month of miles in the bank ready for my 100k ultra this weekend but this time around I’ve not got sick of running or my own company.

I’ll always be a solo runner but this month I’ve learnt that there’s a lot of fun to running with friends. I know. I know. Go figure?

Thankyou for the company Julie, Karen, the 2 Simons and Donna. xx

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