Rule #11 Eat.


Things I’ve eaten whilst training.

Flapjacks, mini Mars bars, biscuits, jelly babies, wine gums, jelly beans, cheese and onion rolls, sandwiches, shortbread, salt and vinegar peanuts, pretzels, Wagon Wheels,ย  worcester sauce flavour crisps, fudge, malt loaf, marzipan, bliss balls…

…and once…waffles.

Eating is my favourite. Running is my second favourite. If you run a long way you get to combine the two.

Yesterday I ran 100k. I had a waist pack full of treats. Some jelly babies, white chocolate and peanut butter balls and chocolate pretzel bites. I had family support strategically placed along the route to chuck sandwiches at me. (The pork pies and sausage rolls on the aid stations being of no use for a vegetarian of 28 years.)

I believe anyone can run this distance. It’s all about training and fuelling. Get used to running with sore, tired legs and keep putting the petrol in the tank. I will never be able to run an 18 min 5k but give me enough food and like that bunny with the Duracel batteries, I can just keep on going.

Running makes you appreciate the simple things in life, a beautiful trail, a hot bath after a cold wet outing or yesterday for me, a surprise egg butty.

Big business has succeeded in making running a scientific minefield. They want to sell us energy gels, isotonic drinks, protein shakes. They want us to buy expensive kit, download data from our expensive watches and train according to the latest expert plan. This can be intimidating for us mere mortals. Keep it simple, keep it real is what works for me.

I know I have to run a ton of miles in training but I have no big plan, I just increase my weekly mileage as I can. When I need a rest I take one. I know I need sweet stuff to give me energy but rather than a pricey, syrupy concoction I eat something that tastes nice. I know my stomach will feel empty so I fill it with real food. I eat a ton of pasta the day before a race and have a bagel and a pot of porridge in the car on my way there. Oh, and I can’t run long without a good strong coffee in me!

My honest to goodness highlights of yesterday’s race were my daughter shoving a Marmite sandwich at me half way in and my sister surprising me with a slightly squashed egg mayo one at 51 miles.

Yeah. I love food and I love running.

By my reckoning I burnt well over 6000 calories yesterday. So today I eat!

6 thoughts on “Rule #11 Eat.

  1. Another good read, I enjoy my food too and have found proper food better than gels and such. For once I had an appetite after yesterday so enjoyed a nice ribeye steak ๐Ÿ˜† Although I’m not too hungry today ๐Ÿ™ƒ

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    1. I’m lucky in that I can pretty much eat anything whilst running…though slower than 8min/miles! For ultra running I like to mix sweet and savoury. I would say experiment with what suits you. Jam sandwiches are always good!


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